Ethernet and TCP/IP, communication standards already established in the IT world, are spreading rapidly into the world of industrial networks. This trend is accompanied by an increasing consciousness for the vulnerability and security risks involved in networked control and automation systems. Zuetech Technology Solutions combines state of the art vulnerability assessment tools with a proprietary process to deliver measurable value and objective results. Whilst others dream of an Internet and business free from any risk has more features and analytics than any other product in its field! has more features and analytics than any other product in its field we realise that technology and the Internet are merely powerful tools. Tools in the hands of humans.

Our comprehensive information assurance programs assess and implement integrated solutions for physical, technical, operations, personnel, server-workstation and communication security requirements. Our products are of the highest quality because we believe each client should get the quality they expect when it comes to IT security. We provide you with a scalable, reliable and responsive solution

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· Anti-Virus for home /business

· Firewalling

· Web content control for your employees.

· Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus for email protection

· Web server protection

· Wireless Security

· Asset Register

· Site to Site VPN

“Security can take on many forms and whilst we stop short of providing you the “muscle on the door” we can cover your business in every other